LGBTQIA+ friendly badge: how to get it
Written by Alex Bua
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Treatwell strongly believes in the importance of inclusiveness which is why we have decided to launch an initiative to support the LGBTQIA+ community, to embrace and celebrate diversity. By signing our commitment you will get an "LGBTQIA+ friendly" badge to display on your profile - a concrete way to actively participate in the fight against prejudices and stereotypes.

This commitment is launched in the month of Pride, but we would like its principles to go far beyond a simple anniversary. The badge is just a simple "badge" on your booking page - it represents a first step that you can combine with concrete actions, to reaffirm your commitment to respecting everyone's rights, regardless of gender.

Here are some:

  • train (and inform) staff on issues related to diversity and inclusion;

  • encourage customers to share their experiences through reviews;

  • implement daily actions to make the environment welcoming for everyone.

How to request the badge

If you are already a Treatwell partner, you can apply for the badge by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on the "Get Badge" button from this link to read our Commitment;

  2. Enter the name, email and address of your salon and finally click on the "Accept" button to join the initiative.

Once we receive your acceptance, we will publish the LGBTQIA+ friendly badge on your salon profile. It will be visible in both the app and the web version of Treatwell.

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