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How to use service variants
How to use service variants
Written by Silvio Spina
Updated today

Thanks to the new " Variations " feature introduced in the Treatments area of ​​Treatwell Pro, it is possible to create sub-categories of a service, customising it according to the needs of the salon. For example, the times required for a haircut could be different according to the hair length (short, medium, long).

The main function of this option is to differentiate the same service in order to create variants that are mutually exclusive, i.e. that cannot be booked for the same appointment.

Let's give an example: the "half leg wax" and "leg wax" services are variants, while "arm wax" and "leg wax" are not as they can be performed within the same appointment since they are different services.

Furthermore, it is not good to use this function for other purposes, for example to differentiate services based on the collaborator (in this case there is already a function on the management system that allows you to customize a service for a staff member).

To create one or more variants of a service, you must first access the “Menu” area from the Treatwell Pro side menu.

After clicking on the desired service from the list on the left, activate the option "The service has variants in price or duration" using the switch in the " Prices and duration" box.

Then click on "Add new variant" to create one. For each sub-category it is possible to enter the following data:

  • price;

  • duration;

  • processing time;

  • name;

  • related mandatory treatment (if necessary).

Finally, click on " Save " to make the variant active.

Attention: by creating different price options for the variants, the main service will be automatically disassociated from any promotions in which it has been added. A warning message will be displayed each time the option is activated.

The variants created can be deleted at any time by clicking on the bin icon next to the option.

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