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How to customise a service for a staff member
How to customise a service for a staff member
Written by Alex Bua
Updated over a week ago

In the guide on 'How to modify a service' you have already seen how to customise the characteristics of a service (duration, price, related treatment, etc.). With Treatwell Pro, it is also possible to make changes based on a specific team member.

From the side menu, you click on the 'Staff' section and then on the team member for whom you wish to make the change.

On the 'Active Services' box, locate the service to be customised and click on the pencil icon next to it to call up the editing window.

Within the editing window, three different characteristics of the service can be customised:

  • the duration: a team member may need more or less time than the 'standard' duration set in the general information of the service. With this option you can enter a different time for each team member;

  • the price: the cost of the service may also change depending on the team member performing it. The chosen figure must in any case be higher than the 'list' figure recorded on the general information of the service. For this reason, it is advisable to indicate a lower list price and set a possible higher cost at team member level:

  • days of validity: with this option you can determine the availability of the service, i.e. on which days and in which time slots it can be booked. It is particularly useful for directing bookings of a service to days or times when they are not usually scheduled, so that working days and appointments can be organised according to the needs of the salon.

Finally, to make the changes made active, simply click on the 'Save' button at the bottom of the window.

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