How to modify a service
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Treatwell Pro allows you to modify the characteristics of an existing service or create a customised treatment by editing certain characteristics including:

  • the name (only in the case of a new service - the name of a service that has already been saved cannot be edited);

  • the price and duration;

  • the team members who can perform the service;

  • the location where the service will be performed or the resource required;

  • the availability for online booking.

Thanks to these tools, it is possible to further personalise the services offered in the salon, improving the organisation of work and appointments.

How to modify a service

To modify a service, go to the 'Menu' section of the menu and click on the desired service from the list on the left.

How to edit the name of a service

As it is not possible to edit the name of a treatment directly when it has already been saved, it is therefore necessary to delete the existing service and create a new one in order to customise the name.

If there are several services in the Treatments section with the same name, you will have to delete all of the duplicates, and then you can proceed with editing a service name or re-adding it.

Please note: If the message 'A treatment called XXX already exists' appears when editing the name, there are duplicates of this service (i.e. other services with the same name). To avoid this error, you must delete the duplicates, as specified above.

The name of a service cannot be changed once it has been created. In fact, all services belong to categories, so if the name of a service is changed (while keeping the initially assigned category unchanged), discrepancies and errors in data collection may occur.

For example: if you were to change the name of the service "Blow Dry" (which has the category "Blow Dry") to "Hair Colour", the treatment would still belong to the category "Blow Dry", causing errors and inconsistencies in the statistics.

How to change the price and duration of a service

When you click into a treatment, there is a dedicated box where you can enter or change the price and duration of the service.


This is the cost of the service. The amount entered refers to the standard price of the treatment which is valid for everyone so it is not possible to set customised prices according to the customer. It is advised to indicate the lowest amount you wish to charge for the service.

In order to assign different prices for different staff members performing the same service, you will need to go to the "Team Member" section of the software. Click on the name of the staff member in the column on the left, find the service in the "Active Services" box and click on the pencil icon on the right. In the pop-up window, you can change the amount charged for the service. The chosen amount will be valid exclusively for this specific staff member.


This is the expected time needed to carry out a treatment (to be added in minutes and/or hours). It is advised to indicate the average duration expected to carry out the service.

The duration can, however, be customised according to the individual staff member performing the treatment, by accessing the "Team Member" section of the menu and following the same path indicated above for changing the price.

It is also possible to change the duration of the service according to the client, by entering it when booking the appointment in the calendar.

Processing time

This is the waiting time required when performing a service, for example, the processing time needed for hair colour to develop (to be indicated in minutes and/or hours).

Mandatory related service

This is any service associated with the chosen one that will be added automatically when booking online.

There are also two other options that can be activated according to the service:

1. The service has variations in price or duration

Thanks to this feature, it will be possible to create subcategories of the same service. For example, in the service "Haircut" it is possible to enter the variants "Short Hair", "Medium Hair" and "Long Hair", and for each of them set:

  • price;

  • duration;

  • processing time;

  • name;

  • mandatory related service (if any).

Attention: by creating different price options for variants, the main service will be automatically disassociated from any promotions in which it has been included. A warning message will be displayed each time the option is activated.

2. The service requires a clean-up time

With this option, it is possible to set a clean-up time (which will automatically occupy the calendar and where no new appointments can be made) which may be required after a specific treatment.

How to make a service bookable online

To enable customers to book a service online on the Treatwell app or salon widget, you need to activate the "Bookable Online" option directly from the treatment page, in the "Service Details" box.

As with the price and duration, this option can also be customised depending on the team member performing the treatment. To make a service Bookable Online by team member, you will need to go to the “Team Member” section, click on the team member’s name and activate the “Available Online” switch.

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