Treatwell Pro allows you to modify the characteristics of an existing service or to create a customised treatment, by acting on certain characteristics, including:

With Treatwell Pro, you can modify the details of the services you offer on your menu at any time. By going to the "Menu" section, you'll be able to view all your existing services and edit these settings:

  • The price and duration of the service

  • The team member who will perform the service

  • Any resources needed to perform the service

  • Its availability for online bookings

With these tools, it is possible to personalize services and treatments offered in the salon on a deeper level, improving the work organization and the appointments.

Modifying the name of a service

It's not possible to change the name of a treatment directly, in order to do this, you'll need to delete the existing service and create a new one.

This is because all services belong to categories - if the name of a service is changed (without changing its category), there could be discrepancies and errors in your reports data. For example, by changing the name of the service "Blowdry" (which has the category "Styling") to "Colour", the treatment will continue to belong to the category "Styling".

Please note: If the message "Treatment already in use" appears when editing the service, it means that there are duplicates of the service (i.e. other services with the same name). To be able to edit the service, you'll first need to delete any duplicates.

How to change price and duration of a service

When editing a treatment, you'll also be able to change its price and duration.


This is the cost of the service - which will be the price it is sold at for every client, unless they have separate discounts applied.

To assign different prices according to the staff members performing the service, you'll need to go to the "Team members and Rooms" section of the menu and click on the name of the team member. From the "Active Services" box, you can then change the price - this will only be applied when the service is performed by that specific staff member.


This is the expected time needed to carry out the treatment (in minutes and/or hours). The duration can be customised to the staff member performing the treatment by going to "Team members and Rooms" and going to the "Active Services" section.

You'll also be able to change the duration of the service when you're entering a direct appointment in your Calendar.

You can also edit:

  • Processing Time: This is the waiting time required after performing a service (in minutes and/or hours).

  • Clean-up time: This option is deactivated by default. It can be enabled if the service requires it by clicking on the dedicated switch.

Making a service bookable online

To allow customers to book a service online on the Treatwell app or on your widget, you must enable the "Bookable Online" option directly from the treatment edit page, in the "Service Details" section.

As with the price and duration, this option can also be customised based on the team member performing the treatment. To make a service Web-bookable for specific staff members, go to the "Team members and Rooms" section, click on their name and activate the "Bookable online" switch.

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