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How do I add more products and treatments to an appointment?
How do I add more products and treatments to an appointment?
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There might be times during an appointment when your client will decide they want more of your products and treatments, or they may wish to add an additional service to their booking after you've already created it. With Treatwell Pro, you don't need to miss out on these extra opportunities to boost your revenue - you can adapt a booking at any time to reflect these changes.

In case you'd like to add more treatments to an appointment, you can simply create another appointment with the additional services. Alternatively, you can follow these simple steps when you're checking out the appointment:

1) When the treatments have all been completed, you can check the client out and you'll be directed to the "Cash" section.

2) Before you process the transaction, you'll be able to add any additional services or products you sold here. By clicking on "Add service" or "Add product to transaction", you'll be able to update the booking. You'll then notice the balance will also update and you'll be able to charge the client for the additional costs.

3) Once you've added all products and treatments, you can add any discounts you'd like to add and click "Finish and print" to finalise the transaction.

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