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How do I report a review?
How do I report a review?
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If you believe a review breaches our Review Guidelines, you’re welcome to report it to our Review Team so we can take a look.

Before you report a review, please take a look at our Review Guidelines.

If you still feel the review breaches our Review Guidelines, please contact us via email and be very specific about what aspect of the review you believe breaches our Review Guidelines, and which guideline it breaches.

It’s worth noting that the Review Team may temporarily remove a review or its written content whilst they are investigating a report. If the written content of a reported review breaches our guidelines, the team will typically remove the content, and just reflect the star rating live on our website. If the whole review breaches (for example, if it's a third party's account of a treatment), the team will remove the review entirely, including the star rating.

Please note: You can only report a review once.

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