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How do I track cash movements?
How do I track cash movements?
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The "Cash Balance" section on Treatwell Pro allows you to track movements of cash in real time, so you're always aware of how much is in the till.

After completing the first transaction of the day and getting the first receipt paid in cash, the cash register will automatically update to reflect this transaction and the others completed on the same day.

Depositing and withdrawing cash

If you haven't closed the day, you can deposit any cash you receive by going to "Cash Balance" (the cash icon in the top right-hand corner) in the "Cash" section and clicking "Add", or you can withdraw cash by clicking "Remove". When you add or remove cash, you'll be given the option to write a reason for this movement for your own records.

Please note: When you've closed the day, you won't be able to change the "Cash Balance", but you'll be able to view a summary of all the day's cash transactions.

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