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How do I track cash movements?
How do I track cash movements?
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The "Cash Balance" feature in Treatwell Pro allows you to monitor cash movements in the cash register in real-time and check the amount present at any time.

After completing the first transaction of the day and issuing the first receipt, you can enter the amount of cash you have in the cash register.

How to deposit or withdraw cash from the Cash Balance

You can deposit or withdraw the cash in the cash fund you will have to follow this path:

  • click on the "Cash Balance" icon, visible on the top bar in the "Cash" section;

  • click on "Cash balance" to access the dedicated screen;

  • click on "Add" to add money or on "Remove" if you want to remove a certain amount from the fund.

For each addition or removal of money, it is possible to enter a note with the reason (a useful option to always have a clear and detailed picture of cash movements). The system does not allow you to remove an amount higher than the fund's balance (in this case an error message will appear).

After closing, you will be able to view a summary of all cash transactions for the day. First, click on the receipt icon at the top right and then enter your login credentials (the same ones used to access Treatwell Pro).

Then click on "Cash Balance" to access the section and then on the blue link "See Transactions".

If the amount present in the cash register after closing is different from the expected balance (higher or lower), you can modify the data directly on the "Current cash balance" line. In this case, the difference will be shown in red.

From the same screen, it is possible to set the cash balance for the next working day. Also in this case you will be notified if the expected sum is different from that envisaged for the cash fund.

How to activate the Cash Balance

The function is active by default in some countries. If the Cash Balance icon is not visible in your management system, you can request activation by contacting Treatwell support via chat.

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