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How do I manage my Room appointments?
How do I manage my Room appointments?
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The Spa section of Treatwell Pro enables you to manage bookings for the use of services that don't require a team member, such as saunas and swimming pools. From this area, you can see how many clients will be using a room at a particular time and you'll be able to check them in and out.

How do I check in a client?

After you have added a client to a room, you'll be able to check them in when they arrive by clicking the check-in icon next to their appointment. This icon will then change to a credit card when the check-in is successful.

How do I check out the client?

When the client has finished their treatment and is leaving the treatment room, you can check them out by clicking the blue credit card icon. This will then take you to the "Cash" section where you will be able to complete their payment.

How do I delete an appointment?

If you want to cancel an appointment, click on the booking and press the red bin icon that appears in the left-hand corner. You'll then need to select a reason for cancelling the appointment, which will provide you with useful statistics on your cancellations and revenue that can be seen in your Company report.

Please note: you can only cancel the appointment from 3 hours before the appointment, and if it's a prepaid appointment you'll only be able to reschedule (you'll need to contact us to cancel in this case).

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