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What kind of photos should be added to the salon profile?
What kind of photos should be added to the salon profile?
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A photo that highlights the beauty, charm and comfort of your salon will increase the client's interest and the likelihood that they will book an appointment: this is why the photos included in profiles should be of high quality and carefully chosen.

The photographs appearing in the salon's online shop window can be taken independently or with the help of a professional contacted directly by the salon.

Requirements for photos

The pictures must meet certain important technical requirements:

  • All images must be in landscape mode (horizontal);

  • the photo files must have a .jpg format;

  • the minimum resolution of the photos must be 1280 x 720 pixels;

  • The file must have a maximum weight of 500 KB;

  • the photos must be the property of the salon (which holds the intellectual property). Pictures downloaded from the Internet of which you do not have a licence to use are not valid.

Photo contents

From the point of view of photo content, there are also a few points to follow:

  • it is essential to send at least one picture depicting the salon window from the outside;

  • it is important to send an image of the salon owner;

  • pictures of products can be chosen if they are the main subjects of the shots (generic pictures of products on the shelves do not count);

  • pictures may not contain words or numbers, including discount promotions and telephone numbers,

  • photos of ongoing treatments may not be used;

  • photos portraying clients and/or employees are not permitted;

  • photos depicting temporary events in the salon (e.g. pictures of the premises with Christmas decorations) are not allowed, as it will not be possible to update them for seasonal changes.

When the photos are ready, they can be sent by e-mail to, so that they can be added to the profile. If there are any problems or changes need to be made to the submitted photos, the Treatwell support team will contact the salon directly.

If the salon wishes to edit existing photos or add new ones, they can contact the support team at the same email. It may take up to 24 hours for changes to be effective and visible on the page.

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