The order in which salons appear in marketplace search results is calculated by many factors. Our algorithms are always working behind the scenes to calculate which salon’s should appear in which position.

Some of the things that our algorithm takes into consideration are:

  • Whether you’re a heavy user of Treatwell Pro (entering your direct bookings and showcasing real-time availability etc.)

  • Your review rating (as well as this, some of our reviews have a heavier 'weighting' than others. For example, a most recent 5* review carries more weight than a 5* review that's a year old)

  • The search that the customer is doing (that’s whether they're searching based on recommendations, top-rated, discount availability etc.)

  • The customer's previous booking history

  • The customer's geolocation

  • The number of reviews you have

  • The pricing point of your services compared to other salons (this applies to the particular treatment type being searched as well as your pricing in general)

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