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How and when are clients invited to leave a review?
How and when are clients invited to leave a review?
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Reviews are an important part of your Treatwell profile. That’s why we allow clients to review the treatments they've with you whether they have booked via social media, the marketplace or with you directly. Here are the logistics of how we make that happen:

Your walk-in, social media and widget clients

We can only invite your direct clients to leave you a review if their email address is present in Treatwell Pro. This is another reason why adding all of your clients to Treatwell Pro is of benefit to you.

If the above criteria are met, we’ll send an email asking your client to leave you a review 24 to 48 hours after their appointment ends.

Marketplace clients

If your clients have booked you via the Treatwell app, we’ll send them a push notification inviting them to leave a review as soon as their appointment ends. They can also leave a review directly via the app. For those that have booked you on the Marketplace website, a review request email will be sent between 24-48 hours after the appointment has finished.

Please note: For clients who made their appointments via Reserve with Google or Apple App clips, review requests won't be sent.

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