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How does Treatwell’s commission work?
How does Treatwell’s commission work?
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Created after plenty of research and in-depth feedback from our salon partners, our unique commission model is designed specifically to help you build your business the brightest in the long run.

With Treatwell, the only time you pay commission is when we bring a new client through your door. For all of your repeat clients and any direct appointments you take, getting booked with Treatwell is completely commission-free.

We charge a small processing fee of 2% +VAT when a repeat client books via Treatwell or your ‘Book Now’ buttons. We do not charge any processing fees for repeat clients who pay-at-venue, whether that’s via the client app, your book now buttons or Reserve with Google.

How much commission does Treatwell charge, and when do I pay?

Our model is a little different from most. Instead of a flat rate for every booking, we only ever charge you a commission fee when a new client books you via Treatwell.

That means that when a new client books you on Treatwell, we charge a commission fee of 35% (+ VAT) - but every time they come back to you, for any treatment, we don’t charge any commission at all, providing there's a record of them having had a successful booking with you in the past 12 months.

Why only charge for new clients?

At Treatwell, we want to make sure we’re helping you build your business in the best way possible.

That’s why we only charge you commission if we’re the ones bringing you in a new client. When they become a repeat client, or you’ve found them directly, that’s a reflection on your good work - so we don’t charge.

After doing lots of research and testing different ideas out, we found that this approach led to the best results for our partners in the long term, too - and we’ve stuck to it ever since.

Please note: this excludes the 2% processing fee for prepaid bookings with repeat clients.

What counts as a new client?

A new client is someone who’s either never had an appointment with you before - or who hasn’t booked you in the last 12 months (whether directly in your salon, via the widget or on Treatwell). So that means that if one of your own clients who normally books with you by phone decides to book online for the first time, we won’t charge you commission, providing they have been manually added into Pro as a client in your client list or via a direct appointment. It also means that if a client books you via Treatwell or directly, and then doesn’t book again for over a year, we’d no longer consider them a repeat client - so commission would be applied.

What about my own direct clients, if they start using Treatwell?

When you enter direct appointments, we won’t charge any commission at all. If one of your existing clients book with you for the first time through any of your own channels with the Booking Widget, we'll apply a 2% processing fee for prepaid bookings, and 0% if the client chooses to pay at the salon. If the client books through the marketplace, the rules above will apply.

What do you actually do with the commission fee?

We reinvest it right back into you. By charging that 35% commission on first-time clients to your salon, we’re able to keep developing new digital tools for your business and improving the powerful, personalised marketing we do to keep driving both new and loyal clients back to your salon.

Are there any other fees?

We charge a 2% processing fee on widget bookings paid for in advance, but if the client uses your widget and chooses to pay at the salon when they get their appointment we don’t charge a processing fee at all!

If you'd like more information on commission, please check your Treatwell Pro contract.

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