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Why does Treatwell charge a new customer commission rate after 12 months?
Why does Treatwell charge a new customer commission rate after 12 months?
Written by Victor
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Our commission model was developed with you and your business at the forefront. Designed specifically to help your business grow in the long run, we don’t charge commissions on your loyal clients, just a processing fee if they choose to pre-pay for their treatment.

You may have had a small number of clients who’ve booked with you again after more than a year, and you’ve been charged a new customer commission rate (also known as a lapsed fee). We’re happy to explain why that is.

If a client hasn’t made an appointment with you in over 12 months, we invest money to get them to book with you again, encouraging them to make another appointment with you via notifications and reminders, Google ads, marketing emails and more. Most of those showcase your business in their content - after all, we know that they loved you and would be interested in coming back.

Because we cover all of those overhead costs for you, if the client returns to the marketplace to book with you again, we offset a portion of that cost in our new customer commission rate (like we would for bringing you a brand new client).

Of course, this only applies to clients booking through the marketplace. So, it’s in your best interest to direct your loyal clients to always book with you via your widgets on your social media, Google listing or website. This ensures you’re only ever charged a 2% processing fee (+ VAT), or nothing at all!

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