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What should I do if my client doesn't show up?
What should I do if my client doesn't show up?
Written by Alex Bua
Updated over a week ago

We know how frustrating missed appointments can be. In the event that a customer does not show up for an appointment, you should delete them from the calendar with the reason "Client didn't show up".

Direct appointments

Here are the steps to follow for cancellation:

1) Access the Treatwell Pro calendar and click on the appointment form;

2) Press the red bin icon to delete;

3) Select "Client didn't show up" on the cancellation reasons window.

If you have a Treatwell Pro plan that includes cancellation protection, you will be able to charge the customer for a no-show, if you would like to activate this function please contact the service department.

If the customer who did not show up at the salon makes a new booking, a red pop-up will appear above their name on the appointment form in the calendar with the message "didn't show up to their last appointment".

Online appointments

When the client books their appointment online, there are different ways of reporting a no-show.

If the customer has prepaid online and does not show up, insert a note in the appointment form to report it and contact our Partner Support.

If, on the other hand, the client's booking involves payment on the spot, we recommend activating the cancellation protection, which will allow the service charge to be debited. See full details in this article.

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