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Prepaid and Pay at Venue: The two types of Treatwell bookings
Prepaid and Pay at Venue: The two types of Treatwell bookings
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Appointments that the customer can book online can either have already been paid for (prepaid) or can be paid for on-site, after the service.

Prepaid appointment

With prepaid bookings, payment for the service is made when the customer books the appointment themselves via the Treatwell app or via the booking widget.

On the Treatwell Pro calendar, the appointment is marked with a red colour (indicating online booking) and a yellow "P", indicating payment has already been made.

The prepaid appointment cannot be changed by you - only the customer can make changes to the booked service or request a rescheduling of the appointment via app or widget.

It is however possible to add one or more services to the pre-paid booking at the till during the appointment: these treatments will be paid for directly in the salon. The amount paid by the customer at the till will be included in the credit invoice.

Appointments booked online with payment at the salon

The customer can book an appointment online and pay directly at the salon. In this case, the appointment in the diary will always be marked in red, but without the yellow letter for prepayment.

For this type of appointment, payment will have to be made in the 'Cash' section, as for normal bookings registered in the salon.

In this case, if a percentage is due for that booking, this will be calculated automatically and included in the next debit invoice.

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