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The "Stock Report" is the perfect place to keep track of your product stock levels, to check which products need to be reordered or which aren't being used regularly. The dashboard gives you a full breakdown per product, brand and category.

Stock Report Dashboard

The first dashboard contains 6 main pieces of data:

  • Total items in stock

  • Product rotation (in days)

  • The average number of products in stock

  • Unmoved stock

  • Stock that was written off (quantity and cost)

  • Products that need to be ordered

Like other reports in the system, you can use the “Period” filter to analyse different time periods or to compare the current data with previous periods of time (month on month, for example). You can also use the “Sector” filter to analyse certain categories of treatments, e.g. hair or beauty.

Product Rotation

The "Product Rotation" section shows how many days on average it takes for a product to be fully used. At a glance, you can see the number of successful/ unsuccessful product rotations, as well as the number of products that should be used up or reordered.

If you click “See report”, you'll see the data broken down even further, and get useful insights into average product stock and the potential value of products that could be better used (i.e. products to be reordered, better utilised, reduced or increased in stock).

The next two boxes give a detailed look at the products with successful turnover and an analysis of the products with unsuccessful turnover (that need to be reduced in stock). In particular, for the field showing the unsuccessful turnover, the system will generate a recommended stock per product automatically.


In the "Handling" section, you'll see the product brands you have in stock, the purchase trend, sales, consumption and adjustment of products, the most used products and the product declining the most. You can also track some stock management errors, like unusual movements and adjustments.

If you click on “See report”, you can see the total number of goods movements, their value in euros and respective details.

Immediately below that, you'll see the movements broken down by brand and product, with useful details on quantities sold and purchased, average values, quantities used and the impact on total products in stock.

The last field in the report shows the “Movement details” with information on quantities, prices and the “status” in real-time (products for sale, for internal use or still in stock).

The details of movements can be filtered by choosing to show only products with a specific status using the “Select segment” drop-down menu or it can be downloaded in CSV format by clicking the “Export” button.

Product Profit Margins

The last section of the report is dedicated to product margins (the profitability of the products sold in the salon). The left-hand column shows data on products with the highest profit margins, while the right-hand column shows the products with the lowest margins.

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