How to add a service

Find out how to add a new service, modify it or delete it from your menu.

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With Treatwell Pro, you can create a list of the treatments and services offered in your salon quickly and easily, choosing from the many options already available on the management menu or creating your own treatments, according to your needs.

The management system also allows you to modify certain information and parameters of the chosen services, such as price, duration, any related treatments and the team members performing them.

How to add a service

From the "Treatments" section of the Treatwell Pro menu, you can create and add a new service by clicking on the " + " button at the top left (next to the "Search service" bar) or by clicking on the "Create a new one" link in the centre of the page.

By typing the name of the treatment in the "Add service" bar, a list of services to choose from will automatically appear. To select one, simply click on the desired service.

If the treatment is not on the list, you can create a new one by clicking on "Create New" at the bottom of the list, entering the name you wish to give the service and finally confirming with the "Save" button.

Should the name entered correspond to a service already existing in the service list, the error message "A treatment called ... already exists" will appear and the service cannot be saved, in order to avoid the creation of duplicate services.

If several services with the exact same name already exist in your list, you must delete all duplicates and proceed to edit the service in order to make changes to the information.

Adding or editing service details

After choosing a service from the list or creating a new one, you will be redirected to a new page through which you can edit certain details.

The edit page consists of several sections:

Main service information

Inside this box are the following details:

  • Name of the treatment;

  • Abbreviation Name: the abbreviation that will appear on the shortcut menu;

  • Colour: allows you to assign a colour to the service so that it is more easily displayed and identified on the Treatwell Pro agenda;

  • Add to features services: activate the switch to display the service on the features menu in the appointment tab. The service will also appear among the most popular treatments on the Treatwell Marketplace salon tab.

Prices and duration

In the second box, which is dedicated to treatment costs and duration, the following items can be changed:

  • Price: the amount relating to the cost of the service;

  • Duration: the time required to carry out the treatment (minutes/hours);

  • Processing time: the time required to carry out the treatment, if necessary for the service;

  • Mandatory related service: any service which is mandatory to book with the chosen one, which will be added automatically during the online booking phase.

Within the same box, there are two other options that can be activated:

1. The service has variants in price and duration

Thanks to this feature, it is possible to add variants to the same service. For example, in the service "Haircut" it is possible to enter the variants for hair lengths "short", "medium" and "long" and for each of them set:

  • price;

  • duration;

  • processing time;

  • name;

  • related mandatory service (if any).

Attention: by creating different price options for variants, the main service will be automatically disassociated from any promotions in which it has been included. A warning message will be displayed each time the option is activated.

2. The service requires a clean-up time

With this option, it is possible to set a clean-up time (which will automatically occupy the calendar and where no new appointments can be made) after a specific treatment.

Which team members can take appointments for this service?

In the third section of the page, you can indicate which team members are authorised to perform the service. For each team member, there is an "available online" switch so that this team member is visible online when a booking for this service is made.


In the "Resources" section you can select the rooms or booths in which the service will be performed. Several entries can be ticked if necessary. To cancel a selection, simply click on the previously placed tick again.

Service Details

The penultimate section of the page allows you to indicate further details of the service:

  • the number of clients and team members required to perform the treatment;

  • the gender the service is intended for (whether female, male or unisex);

  • Bookable online: to be activated if you want the service to be bookable from the Marketplace or the Salon Widget;

  • Bookable only in a package: to be activated if the service can only be booked in combination with others in a package.

Service Description

The last box on the page allows you to enter a description of the service, for example, how it is performed, to whom it is dedicated or recommended, and what steps it involves. It is advised to emphasise the type of experience the customer will have, so as to entice them to book the service. A well-crafted description can also help a salon's profile achieve greater visibility in search engine results.

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