With Treatwell Pro, it's quick and simple for you to create a list of all your treatments and services. Depending on your needs, you can choose to either select from our existing options in the internal menu, or create your own customised treatments. Treatwell Pro also allows you to change the information and parameters of your services - such as price, duration, related treatments and the team members who perform them.

How to add a new service

In the "Menu" section of the Treatwell Pro side menu, you can create and add a new service by clicking on the " + " button at the top left (next to the "Search service" bar) or by clicking on the "add a new one" link in the centre of the page.

By typing the name of the treatment in the 'Add Service' bar, a list of services to choose from will automatically appear - simply click on the desired service to select it.

If the treatment doesn't appear, you can create a new one by clicking on 'Create New' at the bottom of the list. entering the name you wish to give it and finally confirming with the 'Save' button.

If the name inserted corresponds to a service that already exists in your menu, the error message 'Treatment already in use' will appear. This is to avoid the creation of duplicate services.

If more than one service with the exact same name already exists in your list, you will have to delete all duplicates and proceed to edit the remaining service in order to make changes to the information (remember that you cannot change the name of the service).

We recommend that you always distinguish similar services by inserting details in the names e.g.: 'Bend - Long Bend - Short Bend'.

Adding or editing service details

After choosing a service from the list or creating a new one, you will be redirected to a new page through which you can edit certain details.

The edit page consists of several sections:

Main service information

The following data can be modified within this box:

  • Short Name: the abbreviation that will appear on the shortcut menu

  • Colour: allows you to assign a colour to the service so that it can be more easily displayed and identified on the Treatwell Pro agenda

  • Mandatory related service: any service associated with the original treatment, which will be added automatically when booking online

  • Add to featured services: activate the switch to display the service on the shortcut menu.The service will also appear among the most popular treatments' on the Treatwell Marketplace salon tab.

Prices and duration

In the second section, dedicated to treatment costs and duration, you can modify the:

  • Price: the cost of the service for the customer

  • Duration: the time needed to carry out the treatment (minutes/hours)

  • Processing time: the time required to process the treatment

  • Clean up time: activate the switch if the service requires it

Team members authorised to perform the service

In the third section of the page, you can indicate which team members are authorised to perform the service. For each member of the team there is an 'available online' switch, so that the name can be visible when booking.

Service Description

The last box on the page allows you to enter a description of the service. This shows how the service is performed, who it is aimed at and what steps it involves. It is advisable to emphasise the type of experience the customer will have, in order to entice them to book. A well-crafted description will also help the salon's Treatwell Pro profile to be more visible in search engine results.

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