How do I add a team member?
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To enable customers to book treatments with one of the staff members, it is necessary that all staff members are present on Treatwell Pro. In addition, by adding team members on the management system, customers can choose their favourite when booking a treatment with them.

How to add a new member

To add a new team member on the management system, you will first have to access the "Staff" section of the side menu, then click on the "+" symbol or the "Add new" link on the page.

Within the tab to be created, enter the following details:

  • Personal information:

    • first name

    • surname

    • telephone number

    • e-mail address

  • Commissions: any percentage due to the employee for services performed (Treatwell Pro will automatically calculate these to be available at the end of the month and can be viewed on the Profitability Analysis report).

Once the form has been created, you will be able to set

  • working hours;

  • The holidays or days off;

  • The services he/she can perform (customising timetables, prices and the possibility of online booking);

  • Designate him/her as 'Receptionist'. By activating this option the staff member does not appear in the diary but can still perform certain services (e.g. consultations). He/she will appear in the 'Statistics' section of the management system. It is also advisable to create a user linked to this profile.

As soon as the profile is created, the column dedicated to the new member will be visible in the Agenda of the management software.

Please Note: the display of the co-workers' columns in the diary may be different depending on the device used and the size of the screen: for example, using the Treatwell Pro app on a smartphone of approximately 6 inches in portrait, 2 columns are shown, whereas if you hold the device horizontally, you can see 4. On the larger display of a tablet or PC, however, the number of columns visible on a single screen is greater. In any case, it is possible to navigate through all the columns of the collaborators in the Diary by using the arrows on the top bar, next to the lightning icon of the Promo Flash.

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