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How do I assign services to team members?
How do I assign services to team members?
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Your team members may have different skills and specialisations, meaning not all services Each staff member has his or her own skills and specialisations, which allow him or her to perform services and treatments in a unique way compared to other colleagues.

On Treatwell Pro it is possible to match one or more services to a specific staff member, so that clients can have the best possible experience. Matching can be done by choosing one of the following ways

  • add one or more collaborators to a specific service from the "Menu" section

  • add one or more services to each employee profile from the 'Staff' section

How to match co-workers to a service from the 'Menu" section

For the first method, you need to start from the 'Treatments' section of the side menu and follow these simple steps

  1. choose a specific treatment from the list of available services (or add a new one if it is not yet present);

  2. on the open treatment tab, scroll down to the box "Which operators are authorised to perform this service?";

  3. activate the switch for employees who can perform that specific service.

Once the switch is activated, the system will automatically save the new pairing and the client will see the name of the employee when booking.

How to match co-workers to a service from the Staff section

For the second method, however, you will need to select the 'Staff' option from the side menu. Once the page is open, the path to follow is as follows

  1. click on the name of the staff member from the staff list;

  2. on the staff member's tab displayed, look for the 'Active services' box;

  3. click on the "+" symbol to add one or more treatments to the employee profile;

  4. enter the required data for the new service (duration, price, can be booked via the Web) and save the changes.

After saving, the new treatment is displayed in the "Active Services" list in the employee profile.

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