How do I set team members' working hours?
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In Treatwell Pro, different working hours can be set per employee: this way, clients who use the app or widget to make bookings will only see the working hours of team members. This is the most efficient way of scheduling staff shifts and managing appointments.

In order to organise shifts in the management system, you first have to access the 'Staff' section of the side menu. By clicking on the name of an operator in the list, the editing page is displayed in the centre of the page, on which the 'Rotas' box is displayed.

Clicking on the "Manage" button in the "Schedules" box opens the edit screen for the employee's schedule and shifts. The following data can be set in this screen

  • days of the week on which the employee works (by ticking the desired days);

  • shift start and end times (to be indicated for each working day);

  • any breaks during the day.

Once you have entered the required data, you can edit the 'Define Shifts' tab: through this option you can decide whether to apply the same shift to an employee all year round or define it month by month.

It is advisable to set shifts well in advance, so that the diary is already configured to receive future appointments correctly.

Once you have entered all the required information, click on the 'Finish and save' button to make the employee's schedule active.

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