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How do I add processing time to a service?
How do I add processing time to a service?
Written by Victor
Updated over a week ago

Some treatments require a processing time between services.

This can be set in Treatwell Pro, so that each time the treatment is booked the processing time is included in the appointment. By activating this option, staff can be freed up to serve other clients during this waiting time.

In order to add a processing time on a service, you'll need to first enter the Menu section of the side menu and choose one from the list.

Within the service's tab, there is a 'Processing Time' section in which to set the minutes and/or hours required for the post-treatment waiting time. The time is calculated from the end of the first service to the beginning of the next related service.

Once the duration of the processing time has been set, simply click on the 'Save' button to make the changes active.

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