Having notes and additional information about a client can greatly improve the quality of their service and customer satisfaction. From indicating any restrictions (e.g. allergies, sensitivities, etc.) to making a note of their favourite products, Treatwell Pro's notes function means you're able to give every appointment that personal touch.

With Treatwell Pro it is possible to add additional notes in two ways:

How to add notes to the client card

To add notes to the client card:

  1. Go to "Client list" in the main menu

  2. Search for and choose the contact (or create one if it does not yet exist)

  3. Enter the information in the "Notes" box

  4. Click on "Save"

Please note: The notes entered on the client card will be visible on each appointment the client books by clicking on the "i" (information) icon, next to their name in the booking, and scrolling down to the "Notes" box.

How to add technical notes to the appointment card

To add notes to a specific appointment:

  1. Click on the appointment in your calendar (or create one)

  2. Enter the information in the "Notes" box

  3. Click on the blue tick icon to save the change

Please note: Appointments containing notes are indicated visually on the calendar preview with a notebook icon.

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