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How do I add a mandatory service?
How do I add a mandatory service?

Find out what mandatory services are and how to add them to your menu.

Written by Deborah Deiana
Updated over a week ago

Mandatory services give you the option to ensure specific treatments will always be accompanied by another service (e.g. a colour will be followed by a blow-dry).

To ensure that online bookings include all the services required to carry out the treatment in full, it's possible to set a "mandatory related service" directly in Treatwell Pro. This function is available for all appointments booked online. For your in-salon bookings, you can simply book the necessary services as separate appointments in your Calendar.

In order to set up a related service, you will first need to go to the "Menu" section of the Treatwell Pro side menu and click on the service you wish to change.

Under "Mandatory related service", you can search for the treatment to be associated with the main one, via the associated drop-down menu.

Once you have found the treatment, simply click on it and finally on the blue 'Save' button to activate the change.

It's possible to change related services at any time, following the same procedure, e.g. to select a different treatment or to delete it. Choose the option 'None' to remove the associated service and keep only the main treatment.

When the customer makes the booking, the mandatory related service is displayed after the main one and with any processing times indicated.

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