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How and why are service descriptions added?
How and why are service descriptions added?
Written by Victor
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Service descriptions are your opportunity to promote your service by detailing what it involves. The customer will see this when they book via the Treatwell app or on your widget. This description should explain in a few words what the service is for, how it will be carried out, so the customer can be encouraged to book it.

Adding well-curated descriptions to services, therefore, increases the chances of receiving an online booking, as well as ensuring greater online visibility in search engine results. To enter them correctly, simply follow the guide on how to add a service. The description section is available in the last section on the edit page. The description can be changed or replaced at any time by modifying a service that is already present in the Treatwell Pro menu section.

What do I write in the service description?

In the description, it's necessary to clearly explain:

  • What will be done during the service

  • What result can be achieved

  • Who the service is for

It is also essential that the customer understands what the experience will be like during the appointment.

It is important to review and update the descriptions regularly, perhaps modifying them according to the period (e.g. in the case of promotions, special occasions, holidays) or adding more information if there is something new about the proposed treatment.

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