How does 'Reserve with Google' work?
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One of Treatwell's main objectives is to provide the best and most advanced tools for online bookings, as well as support professionals in collecting and managing appointments.

For this reason, we have long established a partnership with Google to make online booking even simpler and more instant. Your customers can book directly on Google, thanks to a service integrated with the search engine.

What is 'Book with Google'?

The 'Book with Google' service allows customers to make appointments directly on search results, without necessarily having to access the salon website or the Treatwell app. Through this tool it is possible to exploit the visibility guaranteed by the search engine and other services integrated with it, such as Google Maps.

Why is 'Book with Google' great for your business?

Many bookings are made outside of opening hours (according to the data we have, they are 47% of the total). It is therefore very important to make an online channel available to clients that is active 24/7 and is easily accessible . Google is often the first place where customers read information about salons, look at photos of the venue, and evaluate reviews left by other users who have already had treatments.

Customers will be able to find you immediately by name, but also by carrying out more generic searches based on their geographical location (for example by typing 'hairdressers in London' on Google or Google Maps or simply 'hairdressers in the area', if they have GPS active on their smartphone).

How does it work?

The path to booking an appointment with Google is very simple:

  1. The potential customer searches for a salon on Google or Google Maps and after finding it, clicks on the 'Book' button

  2. The user can select the service they want, and the date and time of the appointment: the treatments and times they see on Google are the same ones you have previously set through Treatwell Pro. The user will leave their contact details and confirm the booking

  3. The customer will receive a confirmation email from Google and Treatwell, as well as the usual appointment reminders. Immediately after the treatment, the customer is invited to leave a review on Google about their experience (but not on Treatwell: for this reason, we invite you to read the guide on how to obtain reviews on our platform too).

All 'Book with Google' bookings are automatically added to your Treatwell Pro calendar so you don't have to worry about missing an appointment.

What are the requirements?

In order to integrate the 'Book with Google' service, some requirements must be met:

  • your salon must be listed on the Treatwell Marketplace

  • the Pay at Venue (PAV) system, i.e. payment in the salon, must be enabled (as it is the only way customers can pay via 'Book with Google')

  • your salon must be present on Google

  • you need to claim your business via 'Google My Business' (the integration is then set up directly by the Treatwell support team).

How do you set up 'Book with Google'?

You will first have to create a free account through the Google Business page by clicking on the 'Manage Now' button and following all the steps to register your profile. Once the page is created, our support team will synchronise the service to the Treatwell Calendar.

How does the 'Book with Google' commission work?

Appointments booked through 'Book with Google' do not involve any commission.

NB The 'Book with Google' service does not support facilities that provide services considered 'healthcare' (e.g. dermatology clinics, wellness centres, and SPAs). To access the service, the business concerned will have to change the category on its Google Business listing. Businesses offering acupuncture treatments are also excluded.

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