How it works, in simple terms

  • When a client books you through Treatwell, our AI algorithms check for their details in your Treatwell Pro client list.

  • If any of their details are there (i.e. their email address and/or phone number), we know they’ve been to your salon before.

  • This means they’re immediately classed as a repeat client – and their booking through Treatwell is completely commission-free to you, as long as they've had a successful appointment in the last 365 days.

How to make this process work for you

This is important: for us to protect you from paying commission on repeat clients, you have to play a part too.

Here are the steps to take to make sure you never pay commission on repeat clients who book on Treatwell:

  • Every time a client books directly with you, you add their email and phone number to the appointment. They’ll be immediately added to your client database, and if they ever book you on Treatwell, they'll be considered a repeat client.

  • If you have an existing client list (in an excel spreadsheet or something similar), then creating those clients in Treatwell Pro in advance is an excellent way to make sure all of your existing clients can book commission-free through Treatwell.

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