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How do I change the price and VAT of a product?
How do I change the price and VAT of a product?
Written by Victor
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Throughout the running of your business, you will probably find the retail and wholesale prices of your products will change, as well as fluctuations in VAT, so it's essential that you know how to update your prices to reflect these changes. With Treatwell Pro, keeping your product prices up to date couldn't be easier.

To change the price or VAT of a product, go to the "Warehouse" section on the main menu, and click on "Products". From the list on the left, select the product you wish to modify.

On the "Product info" tab, you will need to enter all the relevant product details, including the article code which is useful for your inventory and stock management. When you have completed all the necessary details, click "Save" to finalise the changes.

Please note: by clicking on the clock icon in the price boxes, you can view the history of changes to the product price.

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