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How do I send an email to clients to encourage online bookings?
How do I send an email to clients to encourage online bookings?
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Encouraging clients to book online allows you to spend less time on your salon admin and gives you more time to focus on delivering your best service. Treatwell Pro makes it easier than ever for you to create enticing email campaigns to keep those online bookings coming in.

To invite clients to book online, you can create an email campaign that links them to your salon's page on the Treatwell website or app. To do this, you'll need to open the "Marketing" section in the menu, then click on "Create new marketing campaign".

You can then choose between using an empty template or one that we've provided. If you're not sure which to use, remember that each provided template can be modified according to your needs.

What to write in an email inviting customers to book online

The main details needed for creating an online booking email are:

  • The name of the campaign (in this case, it could be "online booking invitation email")

  • The filters for setting who receives the email (if you don't set any, the email will be sent to everyone in your client list)

  • The email subject

  • The content of the email - you can write just text or add other content such as images, buttons, columns, etc.

Please note: by writing [FIRST_NAME] instead of the client's name, the software automatically customises the name according to the recipient, simplifying and speeding up the sending of several campaigns at once.

After creating the email, you can save it as a draft or click "Send preview" to send it immediately. Before it's sent, you'll be asked for your email address so that you can receive a preview of your campaign. If the preview is correct, you can send the email to your clients.

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