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What do the different icons mean on the appointment cards?
What do the different icons mean on the appointment cards?
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Whenever you open an appointment card in Treatwell Pro, you'll see several icons, each with a specific meaning - knowing what each of these means allows you to better manage your bookings and personalise the experience for your clients.

Client information

Clicking on the "i" icon next to a client's name will show you their details and allow you to edit them. In the same section, you'll also be able to see if the client gave data processing consent and change their communication preferences.

If you click the list icon next to the "i", it opens their full appointment history, which can be filtered by treatment type, products, discounts etc. You can also add additional notes to their previous appointments here. If the client has booked with you before, you'll notice a percentage in the top-right-hand corner that shows their cancellation rate for the appointments they've booked with you.

Client icons

Immediately below the client's name, there are five main icons:

  • Heart: Clicking this icon changes the colour to blue and indicates this is a loyal client.

  • Sad face: If this is highlighted, the client had a negative experience the last time they visited you and needs extra care in their future appointments.

  • Stopwatch: If highlighted, it means the client doesn't want to waste any time and wants to ensure the appointment is as quick as possible.

  • Cupcake: When highlighted, it means the appointment will be taking place on the client's birthday.

  • "N": this is a new client, visiting you for the first time

  • Photo: This allows you to add photos of the results of the treatment or the client's inspiration.

Service icons

  • Service initials: If the client is a returning client, you'll see their favourite services represented by coloured initials under their selected service. Clicking on one of these allows you to change their current service to that one.

  • "R": When highlighted, this means that the client has requested this specific team member. When this is a direct booking, you can highlight the "R" yourself.

  • Clean up time: Click the arrows next to "Clean up time" to adjust the amount of time needed to tidy following the client's appointment.

  • This allows you to cancel the appointment (under specific circumstances)

  • This allows you to undo the "Checked-in" status of the appointment

  • Clicking this icon lets you "Check-in" the appointment when the client has arrived.

  • This will change the appointment from "Checked-in" to "Checked-out"

  • This will print the client's appointment details

  • You'll be directed to the "Cash" section to complete the checkout process and finalise the payment.

If the appointment is prepaid, you'll also notice the price the client has paid will be included under the "Notes".

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